Sagaza celebrates its 10th anniversary with a renaissance of its identity. Zelia Kacar, reinvents the brand and creates a visionary evolution through the SS19 ‘Reborn’ Collection.
The ‘Reborn’ Collection reflects the free spirit and allure of powerful and courageous women. The collection represents strong and rebellious women who create their own modern and independent structures.
Chiffon, soft tulle, lace and ruffles form a tension between the visible and the invisible within the sphere of different transparencies. Couture pieces delicately allow the body to shine through the silky and soft textures. 
Zelia Kacar describes Desert festivals symbolising the bohemian, Shakespeare interpretation of love the female figure in ‘Romeo & Juliet’ reflecting the romantic and the nostalgic, as her inspirational source for her ‘Reborn’ Collection.
SAGAZA SS19 ‘Reborn’ Collection consists of 38 pieces and is available to view at its Nişantaşı Store and by appointment only at ‘Halaskargazi Showroom’ in Istanbul.
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