Georges Saadé

Son of a master couturier, Georges Saadé grew up around an atelier, providing him with the know-how from an early age. Since then, he has worked to integrate modernity and innovation into each of his creations.

The pieces are often inspired by nature, which offers a fascinating source of shapes, volumes and impressions. Georges Saadé’s style and approach questions the details of the world around us, to reveal its mysteries and contrasts.

Originally from Lebanon, Georges Saadé is influenced by the opulence of the Middle East, and by fashion beyond these borders. His travels continue to expand his imagination in minimalistic and cosmopolitan design.

Each dress becomes a masterpiece, wherein the tailors masterfully craft and transform the materials into extraordinary adornments, ornate with crystals and rare embroidery. Created with the finest materials, each piece accentuates the strength and natural beauty of every woman with elegance.
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